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Timeline Asset Services Ltd. is a commercial appraisal and asset services company. Our head office is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the security and safety of our office as well as any wireless technology we utilize as we conduct business.


Day-To-Day Business

Information collected during the day-to-day operations of our company is used solely for its original purpose and is not shared with any other individual or company. Timeline Asset Services Ltd. may share certain information with another party while in the process of conducting business for a client, but only for the benefit of this client and in a professional manner.


Court Appointments

In the event that a court appointed Trustee or Receiver requests client information, Timeline Asset Services Ltd. would provide only the Name and contact information and/or act as an intermediary.


Credit Card Information

Collected by Fax or E-mail

To process payment, Timeline Asset Services Ltd. may collect credit card information by fax and e-mail. This information is used internally for the process of completing sales and will require a signed credit card authorization form from the card holder.

Credit card payments are processed through the secure and password protected virtual terminal supplied by Global Payments and all of the transaction information is encrypted before transmission for processing.  The electronic records retained on our interface show only the invoice no., amount of transaction, date of transaction, authorization code, cardholder name and last 4 digits of the credit card number.

The signed credit card authorization form will be kept on file should we need to supply authorization verification to the credit card company.  However,  only the cardholder name, address and last 4 digits of the credit card number will be retained, the expiry date, CCV no. and card number are destroyed.


E-Mail Addressed/Technology Safeguards

Timeline Asset Services Ltd. may collect the name and e-mail addresses of individuals who request or consent in writing to receive information about upcoming events or services. This information is used internally for marketing and advertising and is not shared with any other individual or company. Through the use of the blind carbon copy feature of our e-mail program, we send a personally addressed e-mail with a link to our Web site. No attachment is used or sent.

Our Web site www.assetscanada.com is hosted by Hostineer. Our electronic information and network is protected by technology provided by Hostineer and standard firewall protection as provided by our network configurations. All outgoing email and any attachments are scanned for viruses prior to transmission.


Questions & Correspondence

If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy as outlined above, please contact our office.

Timeline Asset Services Ltd.
2405 Pine Street, PO Box 46838
Vancouver, BC V6J 5M4

OR inquiry@assetscanada.com

ATTN: Privacy Officer