Timeline Asset Services Ltd: Other Industries
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Knowing the value of your company's assets will help you make critical decisions in a variety of business scenarios

What TAS can do for Your Business

TAS appraisal and asset services will help you achieve optimum results in any of these situations:

  • applying for a business loan or an extension on a line of credit—get the maximum dollar amount based on your assets’ worth.

    Note:  If required as a condition of the loan, Lending Institutions will charge the cost of the appraisal back to the applicant.  Being proactive and commissioning the appraisal on your own terms can expedite the loan adjudication process.

  • thinking of selling your business—you need to know exactly what assets you’ll be selling and what they’re worth
  • you want to sell your share of a business to inside or outside parties—you need to know what your share of the assets is worth today
  • it’s time to retire certain assets and you need help in the sale and removal while maximizing your return
  • knowing the value of your assets helps guide investment and strategic planning

Scope of Services

Asset Appraisals and Inventory Valuations

A TAS Full/Detailed Appraisal, Summary Valuation or Desktop Opinion of Value you will know what it really is worth. Click here to read more about Types of Appraisals.

TAS will consult with you and your management team then provide information that is critical to your decision making. Our reporting is performed in the strictest confidence and is shared only with those parties who have retained our services.


Inventory Analysis

In many circumstances, a simple cost value of inventory may be misleading as this won’t take into account age, quality or cost to convert unfinished inventories to finished goods. 

Through discussions with the company and inspection of the inventories, TAS will provide additional information yielding a more realistic valuation. We will look at the marketability and saleability of the inventory in a pre- determined time frame and help you recognize and maximize the value of your inventory.

As with our valuation services, TAS will customize our reporting to make sure that your questions are answered. Our level of analysis depends on what you need to know.


Asset Disposition

TAS facilitates asset and inventory dispositions from single piece sales to on-site auction and/or liquidation services including live, proxy and Internet bidding.

We can help with marketing the assets and advise on “best case scenario” strategies based on our experience and relationships within the auction and liquidation industry.  



Sample Work

Since 1988 we’ve conducted hundreds of appraisals, and here we can only show you a small, representative sample of what we’ve done.  Here is a list of some recent work. Remember, these are just samples.  We have the expertise and resources to appraise any item in any business in any place.


Recent Appraisals Conducted


Type of Business

Appraised Value($)

Asset Valuation for Purchase

Cosmetics Manufacturer

450,735 & 743,825

Investor Review

Machine Shop

715,500 & 1,740,500

Break-up Valuation

Sawmill in Northern BC


Insurance Valuation

Food Manufacturing Company


Line of Credit Extension

Commercial Transport Company


Value Verification for Purchaser

3-location Restaurant Company


We are happy to provide samples of recent work, just send a request through the Contact Us tab telling us what size and type of business you want to see the appraisal for. Please note that these reports will be edited to protect confidentiality.