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A TAS appraisal on file gives you independent, professional documentation to help substantiate each lending decision

What TAS can do for Lending Professionals

Adjudicating business loans, you need accurate, objective appraisals to assist you with each application.  Whether you approve or decline a loan, a TAS appraisal on file gives you independent, professional documentation to help substantiate each lending decision. 

TAS is your appraisal source for:

  • conventional and asset-based lending files—you hold the security on the company’s assets
  • issuing and extending lines of credit—what are the assets worth today?
  • CSBFP loan applications—appraisals are required in most circumstances
  • inventory analysis—realistic valuations not just cost figures
  • special credit scenarios—working with you and Insolvency Professionals to maximize returns

Conventional and Asset-based Lending

A TAS Detailed Appraisal provides confirmation of the assets and leaseholds of a company; current valuation based on today’s market conditions; and iron clad documentation supporting either the approval or the denial of the loan application.

A TAS appraiser will attend on-site and prepare a thorough listing of assets and leaseholds that are suitable as Schedules in your loan documentation. On request, we will provide a photo library and offer more than one type of valuation for the appraisal.


Your client is looking to raise capital through an asset-based loan on his sawmill business and an appraisal is required to determine the appropriate amount of the loan.

In an effort to fully understand the value of the assets, you request that the appraisal provide Liquidation Value, Market Value in Place and Going Concern Value for your review (click here for definitions of Valuation Methods).

Having a range of values in the appraisal allows you to effectively review the loan application and provides insight into recovery scenarios should they arise.


Issuing and Extending Lines of Credit

As with conventional and asset-based lending, a TAS appraisal provides a detailed listing of assets to be used as security for a line of credit. We will also perform annual or scheduled inspections and provided updated documentation as required.


CSBFP Loan Applications

Specific regulations and guidelines within the Canadian Small Business Financing Program dictate when an appraisal is required as part of the loan application.

Over and above the guidelines, CSBFP loans may be subject to additional scrutiny under default of the borrower, and a declined loan may be formally challenged by the borrower through the program.

For all these reasons, it makes good sense to have an appraisal on file conducted by an accredited appraiser.  All TAS appraisers are accredited with CPPAG.

TAS regularly performs CSBFP appraisals on behalf of lenders, and offers an excellent turnaround of less than 2 days from inspection of the assets and leaseholds to submission of the appraisal report.


Inventory Analysis

In many circumstances, a simple cost value of inventory may be misleading as this won’t take into account age, quality or cost to convert unfinished inventories to finished goods.

Through discussions with the company and inspection of the inventories, TAS will provide additional information yielding a more realistic valuation. We will look at the marketability and saleability of the inventory in a pre- determined time frame and help you recognize any “red flag” scenarios that may occur or that should be addressed.

As with our valuation services, TAS will customize our reporting to make sure that your questions concerning the inventories of the file are answered. Our level of analysis depends on what you and your client need to know.

In all of the above circumstances, a TAS appraisal provides completely independent, third party review of the assets and leasehold improvements by an accredited appraiser and in most cases this is paid for by the loan applicant.  The TAS appraisal report is iron clad documentation supporting either the approval or the denial of the loan application.


Special Credit Scenarios

When your client’s business doesn’t succeed, it’s critical that you minimize exposure for the bank. TAS will work together with you and your Insolvency contacts to maximize returns on every type of file.

Our appraisal reports provide valuable input critical to your decision making in how to best dispose of the assets.  TAS facilitates asset and inventory dispositions from single piece sales to on-site auction and/or liquidation services including live, proxy and Internet bidding.

We can help with marketing a file and advise on “best case scenario” strategies based on our experience and relationships within the auction and liquidation industry.



Sample Work

Since 1988 we’ve conducted hundreds of appraisals, and here we can only show you a small, representative sample of what we’ve done.  Here is a list of some recent work. Remember, these are just samples.  We have the expertise and resources to appraise any item in any business in any place.


Recent Appraisals Conducted


Type of Business

Appraised Value($)

Asset Based Lending

Trucking Company



Franchised Food Retail Operation


Line of Credit Extension

Post-production A/V House


Third Party Acquisition

Food Handling and Distribution Company


*Canadian Small Business Finance Program

We are happy to provide samples of recent work, just send a request through the Contact Us tab telling us what size and type of business you want to see the appraisal for. Please note that these reports will be edited to protect confidentiality.