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TAS is your source for accurate appraisals that help determine the most favourable asset disposition or reallocation tactics

What TAS can do for Insolvency Professionals

Working on a bankruptcy or restructuring file, you need accurate appraisals to determine the most favourable asset disposition or reallocation tactics. TAS is your source for:

  • asset verification—visual confirmation and listing of assets and inventories
  • asset and inventory valuations—detailed appraisals to summary valuations
  • inventory analysis—realistic valuations not just cost figures
  • asset and inventory disposition recommendations—private sale, auction or liquidation

Insolvency files can get mired in details and require on-site manpower that many firms can’t spare. That’s why TAS also offers a suite of Insolvency Support Services (ISS). You can rely on ISS for experienced on-site file assistance that frees up your resources for priority matters.

Insolvency Support Services


On this page:

Scope of Services

When reviewing our services, please keep in mind, that in most cases, our charge out rate for these services will be less than your firm’s. This cost saving can result in a higher net return on the file resulting in a benefit to your client.


Scope of Services

Asset & Inventory Verification

A detailed listing of assets, inventories, potential Third Party goods and leasehold improvements must be generated on every file. This listing becomes part of your Information Package for the file and is used for the basis of handling the sale of the company and/or disposal of the assets and inventories.

TAS will work either independently or with members of your firm to assist in the accurate and timely delivery of this information.

Within this service, TAS can also assist in safeguarding against inventory or asset deterioration. We can provide opinions on when scheduled maintenance of equipment should occur as well as feedback on conditions of the premises that may affect the inventory over the course of your engagement.


Asset & Inventory Valuations

A TAS Full/Detailed Appraisal, Summary Valuation or Desktop Opinion of Value will tell you what it really is worth.

By engaging TAS at the start of every file, you will get the type of appraisal you need based on the information you require and the amount you want to spend. We will customise our reporting to suit your needs and your client’s needs and deliver exactly what you want.

An appraisal will allow you to negotiate with interested parties on the sale of the entire company or individual assets and inventories; it will give you the confidence to know exactly what something is worth in discussions with interested parties; and most importantly, it provides independent, third party documentation that substantiates your decisions on the file.


Inventory Analysis

In many circumstances, a simple cost value of inventory can be misleading as this won’t take into account age, quality or cost to convert unfinished inventories to finished goods.

Through discussions with the company and inspection of the inventories, TAS can provide additional information yielding a more realistic valuation.

We will look at the marketability and saleability of the inventory in a pre- determined time frame and help you recognize any “red flag” scenarios that may occur or that should be addressed.

As with our valuation services, TAS can customize our reporting to make sure that your questions are answered. Our level of analysis depends on what you and your client need to know.


Asset Disposition

TAS facilitates asset and inventory dispositions from single piece sales to on-site auction and/or liquidation services including live, proxy and Internet bidding.

We can help with marketing a file and advise on “best case scenario” strategies based on our experience and relationships within the auction and liquidation industry.


Sample Work

Since 1988 we’ve conducted hundreds of appraisals, and here we can only show you a small, representative sample of what we’ve done. Here is a list of some recent work. Keep in mind these are just samples, we have the expertise and resources to appraise any item in any business in any place.

Recent Appraisals Conducted


Type of Business

Appraised Value($)


Steel Fabricating Company


Bank Security Review

Commercial Printer



Woodworking Manufacturer

142,455 & 292,095

Court Appointed Receivership

Candy Manufacturer and Retailer


Lender Security Review

Restaurant Equipment Supplier


We are happy to provide samples of recent work, just send a request through the Contact Us tab telling us what size and type of business you want to see the appraisal for. Please note that these reports will be edited to protect confidentiality.