Timeline Asset Services Ltd: FAQ
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In these FAQs we try to answer common questions about appraisal work.  We don’t attempt to cover questions specific to your line of work.  So, if you don’t find what you need to know on this page, please send your question to us Contact Us and we’ll get back to you with an answer within 1 business day.  Or, call our office at (604) 516-9379 and we’ll answer your question by phone.

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Who conducts the appraisal?

How do I pay for the appraisal?

How long does it take to do the appraisal?

How do I arrange for the appraisal?


Q     Who conducts the appraisal?

A     TAS ensures that an accredited CPPAG appraiser attends on-site and reviews every file where a Detailed Appraisal has been requested.  For all Summary Valuations or Desktop Opinions, reports are prepared by a CPPAG appraiser and other qualified individuals may be used to obtain photos and capture listings of assets.  Any use of Third Party or employee services will be noted in the report.

Additional Resources:  Types of Appraisals



Q     How do I pay for the appraisal?

A     For existing clients, TAS will always provide the finished report accompanied by an Invoice for Professional Services.  Payment is expected within 30 days and we accept company cheque, wire transfer, money order, Interac e-transfer or VISA/Mastercard (with signature).

For new corporate clients, TAS will extend payment options from the above list at its discretion.

For individual business owners and first time or one time clients, TAS requires full payment in advance of providing report findings.  Company cheques will be accepted at our discretion and the report may be withheld until funds are confirmed.  Wire transfer, money order, certified cheque, Interac e-transfer or VISA/Mastercard are accepted and are processed on-site.



Q     What’s the turnaround time to complete the appraisal?

A     Timeline from initial phone call to delivery of the final appraisal report is generally within 5 business days, but depends on when the appraiser can get access to view the assets.  Our service commitment is to deliver the appraisal report within 2 days after viewing the assets.

A Desktop Opinion of Value will be provided within 1 business day of receiving the asset listings and photos.



Q     How do I arrange the appraisal?

A     Phone:  604.516.9379 (reply within 2 hours)

Email:  inquiry@assetscanada.com (reply within 1 business day)