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We are Timeline Asset Services Ltd. (TAS), with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since 1988 we’ve conducted hundreds of commercial asset and inventory appraisals throughout British Columbia and across Canada.

The experience and market knowledge we’ve acquired over the years have honed our expertise and led us to expand our services to existing clients and gain clients in a broad range of industries.

We’ve been alongside our clients through several business cycles and are continually fine-tuning what we do to best serve their changing needs.

In addition to valuation services, we offer a suite of Insolvency Support Services (ISS) to provide on-site management and manpower on files allowing our Insolvency clients to devote their own resources to high level and priority matters leaving the details to TAS. To learn more, click on the Insolvency tab above.

Our People

The TAS Team includes key staff, a flexible workforce and a network of specialized agents. Combined we have a broad range of skills and experience able to handle projects of all sizes.

Our expertise extends to a vast network of suppliers and business contacts. This means that we can quickly bring all the right people together to get the desired results for our clients. From appraising a single piece of equipment to selling an entire facility to running an orderly liquidation, TAS can get it done on your timeline.

Here's an introduction to our key personnel; both are Members in Good Standing of the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group and hold the CPPA designation:

Michael Collins CPPA, Senior Appraiser

With 29 + years as an Auctioneer, running liquidations and conducting commercial asset appraisals and valuations, Mike has an encylopaedic knowledge of the marketplace. He is one of the most skilled, reliable and sought after Appraisers in the business.

In 2003 Mike carved out his own niche business from the auction house and has been operating TAS independently since then, providing services to a growing client list of Trustees, Lenders, Lawyers and Insurance companies, as well as independent businesses and private clients.

Additionally, Mike is a conscientious deal maker who is adept at brokering transactions involving multiple interests. A growing line of work for TAS is Asset Remarketing, and Mike has proven he can bring buyers and sellers together and to agreement on difficult or complicated deals. To learn more, click on the Asset Re-marketing tab above.

Hilary Watson CPPA, Business Development Manager

Hilary's 15 year sales and marketing background and 8 year involvement in the appraisal business made her a great addition to TAS in 2007 after she acquired her CPPA designation.

Our goals were to improve client services and grow our client base. Hilary has been instrumental in building our business year over year by developing business tools and practices that help us effectively communicate with and respond to our clients and potential clients.

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